Our unique fertility memberships help to give you the support that you need to make that shift.

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Fertility we’re proud to say that we’ve helped over 86% of our clients achieve a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Our success is due to the dedication of our specialist practitioners and also people just like you who chose to take action and do something positive for their fertility.

Studies that have been done on the methods that we use have shown marked increases in successful conceptions as well as a double in the chance of a successful IVF cycle after undergoing the changes we recommend.

Once you have your initial assessment, you can then become a member of the clinic. Our Shift Fertility memberships are well suited to the fertility journey as they offer a higher level of care than if you were seeing us for treatments alone. Check ins between appointments and workshops to help you know what to do are all included in our memberships for you.

We have memberships that include naturopathy, acupuncture or a combination of both. Our practitioners will guide you towards the best treatment options for you. We also offer hypnotherapy as a part of our treatments as we have found this to be extremely helpful in overcoming the stress that is associated with infertility.

Health conditions that can lead to infertility

Natural Fertility Management can address the following health conditions that can affect fertility:

Female Reproductive Issues

Treatment with IUI and IVF

Male Reproductive Issues