When it comes to making a baby, there is so much to consider. Many of the choices that you make day to day like what you eat, the products you use on your skin and the way you manage your stress, can all impact on your ability to conceive a healthy child.

In this workshop, naturopath Katherine Maslen and acupuncturist Angela Marshall team up to give you their best natural fertility advice to help to support your body towards the goal of becoming pregnant.

You’ll learn all about what you need to eat (and not eat) to make a healthy egg and sperm. This workshop is designed for both parents to come along to, so we can improve both the egg and sperm health. We draw from the latest research on fertility as well as over 2 decades of clinical experience helping singles and couples to become pregnant.

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll discover…

  •   What essential nutrients are needed for healthy egg and sperm development
  •   Which key ‘fertility foods’ you need to be eating
  •   Which foods can harm your fertility
  •   The effect of environmental toxins on fertility and what steps you need to take to avoid them
  •   How stress impacts fertility, and what you can do about it
  •   Which key supplements you may need prior to conception
  •   How to support your body best through the IVF process
  •   How natural therapies can help fertility and when you might choose them

We’ll also talk about natural treatment options when it comes to infertility and when you might like to bring in acupuncture or naturopathic care as part of your fertility journey.

This workshop is for you if…

  •   You’re experiencing infertility
  •   You want to know what natural interventions you can use to enhance your fertility
  •   You’re confused about what to eat, and what not to eat
  •   You’re undergoing IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques and want to know how to support this and increase your success rates
  •   You want to make sure you get your nutrition right for the health of yourself, and your baby prior to pregnancy

We have helped thousands of couples in their fertility journey over the years and we’d love to give you the knowledge that we give our clients that are trying to conceive. Every bit helps, and the information in this workshop is designed to make small shifts in your health that can push you closer towards your aim of starting a family.

Members: Free

Early bird: $29

General: $49

Tickets are limited to 20 people. You’ll have time to ask our naturopaths all of your questions.


Who are Shift?

At Shift, we help people shift their health and their life. We’ve helped thousands of people to shift their health with our workshops, naturopathic appointments and natural health memberships.

We have hosted over 300 workshops on health and wellness. Our workshops are presented by qualified, clinical practitioners that have the experience and expertise to offer you real-world advice that is backed by the latest science.

The number one aim of these workshops is to give you actionable steps that you can take home and implement right away so that you can make your next big shift. We hope to see you there!