Keep your Feet Warm for Optimum Fertility

Keeping your feet warm is so important! Make sure you wear slippers or socks on tiled or wooden floors – even in summer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the main acupuncture points for the Kidney channel is on the sole of the foot. The kidney energy facilities fertility and needs to be warm to do so.

In TCM theory, the temperature of your feet is related to the temperature of your womb.  Keeping your feet warm keeps all of the energy meridians in your legs warm. These meridians bring energy up to your uterus and entire pelvis area. If your feet are cold, your uterus is cold.  If your feet are warm, your uterus is warm. So, let’s warm up those feet.

In modern society, many women swim and shower while they have their period however historically the ancients did not do this. The theory behind this is the cold enters the body and causes infertility or in their terms gives you cold in the uterus.

Some symptoms of having “cold uterus” are a slow rising or early declining basal body temperature, indicating that the warming hormone- progesterone, isn’t doing exactly what it should.  You might also have cold hands and feet, clots during your period, and need to go pee at night. You want your womb to be a lush warm jungle of nourishment for your baby. Using a gardening analogy imagine you are a fertile veggie patch. It isn’t just that you need it warm for an embryo to implant and grows, but you need warmth for proper blood circulation in the uterus. So you want to legitimately keep the temperature of your uterus warm in order to make sure your uterine lining is lush for implantation and that a newly snuggled-in embryo will be properly nourished.

So if you’re trying to conceive, please keep those toes warm with socks and closed in shoes!