Healthy parents make healthy babies

In the first verse of her song, “It Takes Two”, it’s almost as though Tina Turner was referring to making babies…

“One can have a dream baby

Two can make the dream so real

One can talk about living love

Two can see how it really feels

One can wish upon a star

Two can make that wish come true 

Once can stand alone in the dark

Two can make the light shine through. 

It takes two baby. It takes two baby

Just me and you

It takes two…..”

If you are thinking you would like to have a baby soon, what you need to know is that both you and your partners’ health and wellbeing will play a huge role in not only your ability to conceive, but also in your ease during pregnancy, in the delivery of a happy healthy baby and in the long term health of your child.  Anything you can do before falling pregnant to make sure you are both in the best health possible will be of benefit to your family now and in the future.

Having a baby truly is a miracle and should be an easy and natural process. Sadly however, for some couples it’s just not that simple.  The causes of infertility have many possibilities, and can affect both females and males.  Sometimes the man’s sperm count is too low; sometimes there is a hormonal imbalance in one or both partners; sometimes lifestyle factors such as diet, alcohol or smoking are at fault; and sometimes there may be no obvious reason at all.

From a holistic, natural perspective, difficulty conceiving can be due to issues such as stress, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies and/or hormonal imbalances.  

Stress affects every system in your body.  Long-term stress, if not managed appropriately can affect the heart and cardiovascular system, weaken digestion, deplete energy, upset blood sugars, and disrupt hormones and sleep.  Design your day to include some care time, to take a deep breath, relax and make some conscious choices about how you can live a calmer life. You might like to try yoga, walking, meditation, or consider stress management counselling and daily mindfulness practice.

Toxicity can affect your ability to conceive.  Unfortunately we live in a toxic world, and some of us are affected more than others.  It is important that you consider ways in which you can reduce your exposure to toxins in food and in the environment and enhance your body’s ability to eliminate toxins.  Your naturopath can help you with detoxification and general health which can be an important step in addressing infertility issues.

Whether you are having difficulties conceiving or you are planning to fall pregnant soon and want to be in your best health possible, the team at Brisbane Natural Health can help.  Call TODAY for your pre-conception care appointment on 07-3367 0337.

Anne-Marie McDonald B.Nat