We help couples

achieve their dream

of starting a family

Enhancing your own natural fertility

gives you the best chance of conception

Our unique team approach to fertility

gives you the best chance

of a healthy conception

At Brisbane Natural Fertility we help couples create the family that they have dreamed of.

Everyone wants the best for their baby, which is why natural fertility care is becoming the obvious choice for many parents to be. By correcting hormonal imbalances in the body and restoring health natural fertility care promotes balance within your body, bringing you back into the rhythm of your natural menstrual cycle.

At Brisbane Natural Fertility our team of experts will help to enhance your fertility and bring you closer towards your goal of becoming pregnant with each treatment. We’re thrilled to have helped over 87% of the couples that come to us overcome infertility to have the baby that they have always wanted.

Brisbane Natural Fertility is a team of health care professionals that work together. Headed by leading Australian naturopath and fertility specialist Katherine Maslen, our treatment programs encompass fertility naturopathy and fertility acupuncture, in combination or alone depending on your needs. We also offer hypnotherapy for fertility for psychological support to help with the challenges that infertility can cause.

Our unique fertility memberships have helped hundreds of couples to achieve their dream of becoming a parent. We recognise that the fertility journey is complex and that a multi-faceted approach works best to allow our members to achieve pregnancy as soon as possible. We help patients in our Brisbane clinic and also virtually via phone and Skype.

Patients come to see us for all kinds of issues – from infertility and women’s health concerns to those wanting to simply give their baby the best possible start through good nutrition and health of the mother and father. We help couples who are looking for IVF alternatives as well as those that are undertaking IVF cycles. We also offer pregnancy care and specialise in the treatment of young babies.

Brisbane Natural Fertility is part of Brisbane Natural Health in Milton. Call us on 07 3367 0337 and make your appointment today!

Nature & Health Magazine | June – July 2018 

Our founder and principal naturopath Katherine Maslen was interviewed for Nature & Health magazine on her expert advise in enhancing natural fertility.

I first starting seeing Katherine Maslen at BNH for infertility and stress. The level of care given by Katherine is second to none, she is absolutely amazing. …… I honestly can’t thank her enough!


Katherine with patient Jenny and gorgeous baby Leandro.

“My partner and I tried for approximately 4 years to conceive and were unsuccessful. After many miscarriages we tried IVF and saw fertility specialists all of which were also unsuccessful. Some friends suggested we see Katherine because they had success after being on her program. We decided it was worth a go. Thankfully we did.

Eventually conceiving after several months, I truly think it was due to Katherine’s help. We now have a happy, healthy, big boy. I gave birth at the age of 45 and my partner was 44 at the time.

If it were not for Katherine I believe we would have been childless. She is a lovely person who helped us and guided us along the way. We would highly recommend her to other couples who wish to conceive using healthy natural herbs and supplements.”

How to Boost Your Fertility Naturally –  Talking LifeStyle 

Each Friday afternoon Brisbane Natural Health’s Founder and Principle Naturopath Katherine Maslen joins Ed Phillips from Better Living to discuss all things Health and Wellness.

Click on the link below to listen to Katherine’s discussion about how to boost your fertility naturally.

Boost Your Fertility Naturally