Natural Fertility Care and IUI

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an assisted reproductive technique where sperm is inserted into the uterus. IUI can sometimes increase the conception rates for couples who have been unable to fall pregnant naturally.

How can natural fertility care help with IUI?

Natural fertility care helps to improve outcomes in IUI by improving egg and sperm health, supporting uterine tone and reducing the inflammation which can sometimes prevent an embryo from implanting in the uterine wall.

By balancing your hormones and regulating the length of your menstrual cycle your fertility will be enhanced and you may have a greater chance of pregnancy.

Is naturopathic treatment safe with IUI?

When used correctly naturopathic treatments are very safe with IUI. Katherine will decide on which treatment is right for you based on when you are having the IUI and whether or not there will be hormonal treatments involved with your cycle.

When should I start treatment to enhance my chances of a successful IUI cycle?

For best results it is recommended that you complete at least 3 cycles of natural fertility support prior to your IUI cycle, as this will allow time to improve the health of the egg and sperm and balance hormones, all of which are crucial factors in the success of IUI. Any treatment is however better than none, and some couples choose to continue IUI treatments while improving reproductive health through natual fertility care.

After multiple failed cycles many couples have attributed their IUI success to their improved fertility after natural fertility care.

“Just writing to let you know that I fell pregnant on our last cycle of IUI! We only just found out over the weekend.

Thank-you so much for helping us on our journey. I am sure it was the change in my cycle that did it for us in the end.

Michael and I are feeling very happy, lucky and blessed. Thanks again.”
-Kate, Brisbane

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