Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count is becoming an increasingly common cause of infertility, with at least 1 in 25 males having a low sperm count. Having a low sperm count causes infertility as there is a greatly reduced chance of a healthy sperm getting to the ova in time for a healthy conception to occur.

What causes a low sperm count?

Low sperm count is very often due to nutritional deficies, especially those of zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E. Other causes include damage to the testicles such as injury and excess heat, such as that in a sauna or spa, or by riding a bike.

Studies have also shown that mobile phone use is associated with lower sperm counts, so keep those phones out of your pockets guys.

How can natural fertility management help?

Thankfully, there are many effective natural treatment options to help increase sperm count. After assessing your individual health Katherine may prescribe nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to boost your sperm count. If you have poor sperm morphology this will also be addressed as part of your treatment plan.